CardQL Platform

Cutting-edge features to improve and secure your payment processing stack at every level.

Edge Payment Processing

CardQL multi-level payment processing infrastructure is deployed in 200+ datacenters around the world, insuring blazing-fast payment authorization speed.

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Enrich and transform your payment data

CardQL platform is able to exchange data and integrate workflows with hundreds of business apps.

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Payment Data Platform

Your payment transaction data is valuable for your business. Get the insights your need for your business with CardQl Data Platform.

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PCI Compliance and Security

CardQL platform is inherently PCI DSS compliant at the highest level. Focus on building your apps, while we take care of compliance and security.

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Smart Payment Routing

Our AI-powered smart transaction engine automatically selects the cheapest and fastest processor for every transaction.

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Store Credit Cards Securely

Store your customer' credit cards securely and use them for recurring payments or fast check-out using PCI-certified CardQL Card Vault.

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